It goes without saying that Scotland has a rich past. What is less well recognised is how much of it is cloaked in mystery. There are mysterious standing stones, incomprehensible pictographs, and incredible stories. So keep your eyes peeled, head open, and imagination turned on.

It’s time to leave the safety of your own home and go on a new adventure! Ayrshire offers some of the most exciting family days out, from wet and wild water adventures like kayaking and canyoning to making animal friends on the farm.

East Ayrshire is a water sports adventurer’s dream, providing entertaining, exhilarating, and one-of-a-kind adventures. Choose between stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, or canyoning if you’re feeling adventurous. For an amazing nighttime experience, travel to Dalmellington to witness some of the UK’s darkest sky; you’ll undoubtedly be starry-eyed!

Each of our Private Group itineraries has been meticulously constructed using our combined years of expertise, extensive study, and sheer enthusiasm for the areas we visit.