Why TWF2045?

Our shared values

So let us begin at the beginning. We are a devoted culturally diverse team of seasoned sustainability experts who are all passionate about travel; culture and people. We think that life is about having new experiences, and that travel may help you not only accomplish more, but discover the ‘unexplored’ you from within

Emphasis on personal interaction

The key to a successful immersive travel experience is to genuinely get to know your visitors and their expectations. Doesn’t it seem self-evident? But it’s a distinct skill set that we’ve developed through time. We know how to ask the appropriate questions to lead you to the greatest answers and, eventually, the finest journey. In a digital age, we stand out for our human communication, and it’s this that brings us to the core of your needs, goals, ambitions, and desires.

Whilst knowing the ins and outs of the terrain and travel context is important, we take a more comprehensive approach to the travel experience. We consider not just the practical aspects of where you want to travel and what you want to see, but also the “reason” behind the trip, how it drove you to this point.

The real on the ground experience

We pride ourselves on being both curious and inventive, which keeps us on the leading edge of new technologies, travel concepts, and relationships, some of which transcend well beyond travel. We’ve spent years establishing vital ties with the local community in order to support your immersive travel experience, and the influence of these collaborations on the quality of your trip should not be overlooked.


We ask for very little time from you to plan and personalise your vacation, and once that’s done, we handle all elements related to it to meet your specific needs. Purely stated, you sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.