What makes TWF45 different from others?

  Right in the epicentre of South-West Scotland We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your holidays are enjoyable. To establish the need for a healthy, adventurous, exhilarating, and stress-relieving holiday, an extensive study was undertaken. We implemented the identified variables into our programmes, which were further curated by precisely building our pods and […]

Tourism Industry of Scotland in 2069

  We all imagine what our futures may hold for us. Will we get self-driving vehicles or will flying vehicles take over? Chips in our brains or smartphones in our glasses? These made us wonder what the future of tourism will look like in 2069. By studying the present trends and changes, VisitScotland estimated some […]

What is sustainable tourism?

Tourism, by its very nature, appreciates the most valuable aspects of our world: breathtaking landscapes, animals, history, culture, and people. Tourism may help a community’s economy flourish by offering good-paying employment, business possibilities, and cash for conservation. However, if tourism is not adequately managed, it may have detrimental effects on local communities and habitats, causing […]