Tourism Industry of Scotland in 2069


We all imagine what our futures may hold for us. Will we get self-driving vehicles or will flying vehicles take over? Chips in our brains or smartphones in our glasses? These made us wonder what the future of tourism will look like in 2069. By studying the present trends and changes, VisitScotland estimated some astonishing aspects. Some of these aspects are summarised as follows:


Increased population growth will provide economic growth but will limit the global natural resources on the other hand.

Global warming will increase heat waves and will impact outdoor travelling significantly.

Augmented and virtual reality will increase virtual tourism and will affect requisite advertisement. It will also increase tourist expectations.

Growing Urbanisation will reduce natural reserves and will further limit the rural areas.


How will Scotland survive this change?

While the rest of the world would be facing the challenge of climate change, Scotland will be welcoming tourists for cultural and historic exchange. It’s mainly because she would be dependent on indigenous farming and sustainable tourism. Controlled development of the present will also ensure a vibrant rural life in all its essence with local artisans, craftsmen and farmers. People doing remote jobs will have the facility to trade internationally by being equipped with technology.

Tourism and Transport: By the 2040s, it is estimated that Scotland will be equipped with sustainable supersonic sonic jets making trips from the USA to here in just 2 hours.

Adventure and activities: Owing to its current tourism policies, Scotland will remain the hub of adventure and activities and will be internationally known for its e-sports.

Virtual Attractions: With Virtual and Augmented reality, visitors will experience 7D holographic characters passing through the streets of Scotland Art and Artefacts of our artists will be supplied to other museums through reciprocal arrangements.

Food and Drinks: While there would be concerns over food in the world, our policies on capitalisation of resources will flourish us. It is also estimated that processed insect protein would be part and parcel of our diets as it can be easily consumed.

We have considered all these possibilities and chosen our location and programs accordingly. We hope and pray to continue serving our guests through the best possible means, even if the time changes

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