A lovely evening wind carries the aroma of fresh seafood prepared particularly for you while waves lap against your pod. Alternatively, retreat to your own little cocoon of comfort with our most delectable cuisine served in your pod.

To have fun, don’t worry about anything except what your intuition tells you. Order what you want to your pod’s door and enjoy your dinner in the solitude of your villapod – in bed, on the deck, or in the lounge, surrounded by the most stunning natural background.

Enjoy the greatest nature-focused eating experience in East Ayrshire. Among our visitors, our purpose-built eating terrace is the most exclusive area. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime location for relaxation amidst nature, perched above an artificially made pond and complete with a chef and waiters. Set up a delicious picnic on a riverside, surrounded by pristine natural waterways, if you choose. Alternatively, request a barbeque on the porch outside your pod. Alternatively, you might have a wine and cheese tasting on your balcony.