Rural Life

The Scottish Government acknowledges that the prosperity of the Scottish economy is largely due to tourism. The tourist sector is a pillar of the Scottish economy and plays a significant role in the prosperity of Scotland’s towns, cities, and regions. One in every twelve jobs in Scotland is in this sector, which also contributes 5% of the Scottish economy’s gross value added (GVA). It contributes significantly to maintaining employment and economic activity in Scotland’s rural regions in addition to playing a significant part in the economy of the country’s urban centers.

Scottish Agritourism 2030 – The Strategy for Sustainable Growth lays out a shared vision for the sector, with the goal of developing the rural economy sustainably, protecting small farms for coming generations, gaining customer awareness of locally grown produce, and celebrating the legacy of these significant Scottish communities.
The strategy, which will be accompanied by a tiered action plan, will feature a collaborative approach from both the public and commercial sectors in Scotland and throughout the world. Other goals include recruiting and keeping a competent, motivated, and varied staff, developing and supporting a successful and responsible industry, and growing the number of genuine working farms that provide a food and beverage experience.

With increasing consumer interest in food provenance and sustainable tourism, it is intended that the plan would place agritourism at the front of tourists’ minds when looking for ways to experience, appreciate, and comprehend the finest of Scotland’s natural larder.