What makes TWF45 different from others?


Right in the epicentre of South-West Scotland

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your holidays are enjoyable. To establish the need for a healthy, adventurous, exhilarating, and stress-relieving holiday, an extensive study was undertaken. We implemented the identified variables into our programmes, which were further curated by precisely building our pods and choosing our location.

Eco-friendly experience

Our pods are located in a superb East Ayrshire location that will provide you with an authentic lowland experience. You will be at the heart of South-West Scotland’s concentrated local culture if you choose to live here. With so much history around, you’ll feel as though you’re in the previous century.

By saving water and reducing our carbon impact, our eco-friendly pods and travel arrangements represent our objective. Tourism accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions, which we want to reduce by utilising Douglas Fir wood in our pods, which absorbs carbon dioxide.

Closest to nature

We’ve created ourselves to bring you closer to nature, from the open sky to our eco-friendly pods to the vast woodlands of East Ayrshire. We give you a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and refresh yourself with a simpler lifestyle, less screen time, and lots of events to attend.


We bring you the opportunity to experience inclusiveness and indulge you fully in all the programs and activities. We also urge our visitors to mix with the local community and ‘feel’ the local culture.

Sustainable tourism

We have designed our tourism plans considering climate change in mind and we believe in preserving our land. Clean, Green and (compassionate) a sustainable East Ayrshire is our motto. We also try to reflect the same through our eco-friendly pods and environmentally friendly travel arrangements.

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