Consume Local

Everyone, from people to companies and organisations, is asked to contribute to the development of a local food policy for Scotland. This consultation is the first step in a strategy to make high-quality food more available to everyone and to highlight the benefits of eating locally. Local food is produced locally, and supply chain partners […]


Cultural tourism in Scotland is a valuable economic asset. Culture and history are significant components of Scotland’s public image.’Scotland’s historic and cultural icons are powerful and unique; they are frequently top of mind for tourists, particularly those who do not reside in Scotland,’ says Professor Murray Pittock from the University of Glasgow. Indeed, cultural tourism […]


A lovely evening wind carries the aroma of fresh seafood prepared particularly for you while waves lap against your pod. Alternatively, retreat to your own little cocoon of comfort with our most delectable cuisine served in your pod. To have fun, don’t worry about anything except what your intuition tells you. Order what you want […]

Rural Life

The Scottish Government acknowledges that the prosperity of the Scottish economy is largely due to tourism. The tourist sector is a pillar of the Scottish economy and plays a significant role in the prosperity of Scotland’s towns, cities, and regions. One in every twelve jobs in Scotland is in this sector, which also contributes 5% […]


It goes without saying that Scotland has a rich past. What is less well recognised is how much of it is cloaked in mystery. There are mysterious standing stones, incomprehensible pictographs, and incredible stories. So keep your eyes peeled, head open, and imagination turned on. It’s time to leave the safety of your own home […]